Isolated Soy Protein


SUPRO® Soy Proteins, SUPRO® XT Soy Protein, SUPRO® PLUS Soy Protein


  • SUPRO® and SUPRO® EX Isolated Soy Proteins - 90 percent protein (dry basis) powdered ingredients, specifically designed to deliver the functional performance (i.e., gelling, emulsification, solubility, dispersibility, water and fat-binding and viscosity)
  • SUPRO® XT Isolated Soy Protein ingredients are specifically tailored to function optimally in dry blended beverages, ready-to-drink (RTD) neutral or acidic beverages
  • SUPRO® PLUS Nutritional Beverage Powders are turn-key, spray-dried complete beverage powders, containing protein, carbohydrate, fat, and in some cases, vitamin and mineral fortification.
Meat and Sea Food Products, Marinated, Battered, Injection, Coating, Reformed, Instant beverage, Ready to drink, Acid drink, Dairy, Ice cream
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