Import from Japan


  • The Nakamura Chaho corporation was founded in 1884 in Matsue
  • Provide range of tea
    • Gyokuro, it has a deep and strong taste. It is the best among the delightful teas having the great "oika" taste.
    • Matcha, The people of the Sanin Region usually drink matcha as they would ordinary tea.
    • Sencha, We prepare our sencha by making an original blend of well-selected leaves from the many green tea materials.
    • Izumo-Shiraore, we blend the Izumo Shiraore by adding fresh matcha to well-selected "kukicha" (tea stalk).
    • Hojicha, Made by roasting the tea leaves, Hojicha is also quite fragrant.
    • Bancha, To get the most of the characteristic fragrance of bancha we use charcoal fire in our factory. This tea, containing no caffeine, is an excellent drink for children.
  • High antioxidant



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